Mine & Mint Proof-of-Work XPower Tokens

Mining XPower XPOW tokens is simple and rewarding: By using computational power to solve complex puzzles, you can earn tokens.

The effort put into solving these puzzles ensures that everyone has a fair chance to acquire them — for widespread distribution.


Mint stakeable XPower NFTs

Creating XPower NFTs is unique: By depositing your XPOW, you can mint NFTs that represent something that's similar to bonds.

These NFTs are not only of artistic value but also functional, allowing you to stake them and earn rewards over time.


Mint NFTs

Claim APower Token Rewards

When you stake your XPower NFTs, you start earning APower APOW tokens: The longer you hold and stake your NFTs, the more APOW you accumulate.

This process ensures that your participation is continuously rewarded, making it an attractive option for those looking to maximize their involvement in the ecosystem.

Claim APOW

Swap XPower & APower Tokens

You have the ability to seamlessly swap your XPower XPOW and APower APOW tokens on a decentralized exchange, offering flexibility and convenience in managing your assets.

Further, with the upcoming lending and borrowing feature, you'll be able to leverage your APOW as collateral to borrow XPOW or vice versa.